Nerdvana v1.09 – Sssneun

Schnell noch eine Folge reingeschoben, so kurz vor Jahresende, in abgespeckter Besetzung und sehr comiclastig.

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0:01:55 – Futurama Holiday Spectacular
0:05:21 – Danny MacAskill “Way Back Home” Video

Jeff Smith
0:10:33 – Bone
Cartoon Books, Image Comics, 1991-2004

0:38:13 – SHAZAM! and the Monster Society of Evil
Marvel, 2007

0:44:35 – RASL
Image Comics, seit 2008

0:54:10 – Little Mouse Gets Ready
Toon Books, 2009

0:55:46 – Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter (Seth Grahame-Smith)
Buch, USA, 2010 few questions with Seth Grahame-Smith

1:02:25 – ComicQuickCheck
The Mice Templar
USA, Image Comics, seit 2007, Bryan J. L. Glass, Michael Avon Oeming, Victor Santos Website

USA, seit 2004, Devil’s Due, Image Comics, Tim Seeley Inc News and Updates – An Unofficial Fansite

Simpsons: Comic Book Guy – The Comic
USA, Bongo Comics, 2010, Ian Boothby, John Delaney Wiki – Comic Book Guy

1:16:55 – The Walking Dead Series – Official Site blog

1:40:47 – The Twilight Zone
Folge 126: Living Doll Part 1

1:47:58 – Previews
Stefan’s Pick – Fear Agent Comic
Wolfgang’s Pick – Edmond Hamilton: The Collected Captain Future

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